Your Guide To Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

If you are looking to become an effective leader, then we offer the most comprehensive guide to executive coaching, CEO coaching, and leadership development programs. No longer are businesses only turning to an executive coach to fix a problem. Now organizations use coaching as a way to give them a leading edge and advantage in the ever evolving business world. Approaches such as leadership development are being used to help businesses grow and strengthen from within their organization by supporting their C-level executives and hiring from within.

Finding The Right Executive Coaching Firm

We understand how precious your time is and finding the right person or team to help you become an effective leader can be challenging and time consuming. This is why we have created this site to put all the executive coaching and leadership development programs all in one place. To learn more, please visit our executive coaching directory to find the appropriate service provider. You can also check out our executive coaching blog which offers tips and suggestions on what to look for in an executive coach or leadership development program. Below are some of the coaches offering their services:

executive coachingMy Executive Coach

Dr. Elizabeth Fried was recently honored as one of the world’s top 15 most influential executive coaches.  She uses her uncanny ability see what others can’t by skillfully helping clients focus on solutions rather than problems.  She keeps conversations at a high level to avoid getting lost in the details, which allows clients to quickly move from insight to action. Elizabeth typically combines 360 feedback, behavioral assessments and neuroscience research in her coaching process.  She shows clients how to use their brain power in new ways, so they can efficiently achieve the lasting results they desire. To learn more visit My Executive Coach

leadership developmentMeredith Haberfield

Meredith Haberfeld can boast over ten years experience in coaching and training, as well as a long and distinguished career in business. From coaching for Senior Executives, to couples and families, she and her team have extensive knowledge across a wide range of disciplines; they are ideally placed to work with executives in your business, to ensure you compete in your marketplace. Meredith Haberfeld’s portfolio of clients is impressive, including senior executives at many top global organizations.  From renowned financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse, via technology companies Lockheed Martin and Philips, to the World Health Organization and John Hopkins University. To learn more visit Meredith Haberfield Coaching.

ceo coachingCEO University

The team at CEO University is ready to help you grow as a business and individual. Our objective is to partner with our clients to help them meet their goals. Our services vary from executive coaching, mentoring programs, business workshops, custom programs, group facilitation and more. Our team has supported hundreds of businesses meet the demands of today’s global economy. Our experience runs the gamut of working with corporate executives and small business owners and we have helped them achieve maximum results through our Executive Development and Executive Leadership programs. We truly believe that having effective productivity means working smarter and not harder. Via our executive leadership development courses we train and assist key members of your organization to think and execute with clarity by instilling concise action oriented methodologies. To learn more visit CEO University.

The Leading Group

executive coachingThe Leading Group

Here at the Leading Group, we believe that great leaders have the ability to help their employees excel in any area needed. As an executive coaching firm, we truly feel that the success of any company and its management team is based on their interpersonal skills such as empathy, the ability to listen, working well with others, self-awareness, integrity, and honesty. When a company understands the value of it’s people, only then can we truly help an executive become a great leader. We provide one-on-one coaching geared towards top level management who are looking to become powerful leaders by establishing a vision, delegate responsibly, effectively communicate, and make wise choices. To learn more visit The Leading Group.

executive coachingChicago Executive Coaching

Chicago Executive Coaching serves the greater Chicago area and is dedicated to taking executives to the next level of their business and personal life. Our motto is “We believe that we are our worst enemy” and we subscribe to the idea that a collaborative approach is much more effective then trying to accomplish things on your own. We see ourselves as catalysts in your personal and professional development and we want to collaborate with you on developing a personalized oriented approach that emphasizes your uniqueness and special skill set to obtain your goals. To learn more visit Chicago Executive Coaching.

Please check back soon as this site is still being updated with more providers.

What Is Executive Coaching?

Simply put, executive coaching is where a CEO, C-Level executive, or manager engages another person who has the level of expertise to support and guide the client to become a better leader and help them address certain challenges and decisions they may be faced with in their companies organization. An executive coach not only provides a neutral space for the leader to asses what is happening to ensure quality decisions are made, but the executive coach also brings a level of management experience to the coaching relationship in which the client can draw from. It should be made clear that executive coaching is not telling the client what to do or think. An executive coach is not a business consultant who is bringing a certain level of expertise to the relationship to tell the client or business what to do. Executive coaching is about helping the CEO, executive, or manager become a stronger leader via leadership development skills, execution strategies, and developing stronger communication skills whether they be implemented in inner office situations, presentations, or business meetings.

In a recent report by the Harvard Business School, the study outlines many pros and cons to whether or not coaching is effective and whether it should really be implemented in the work place. What they found was that

“…under the right circumstances, one-on-one interaction with an objective third party can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot.”

Major organizations and Fortune 500′s are now turning to coaching because they understand the impact it has on improving their bottom line. In a article by Fox Business, the author clearly outlines that one of the greatest advantages of executive coaching is being able to develop strong leaders within an organization rather then having to look elsewhere to hire upper management. The main benefit of course is that the person who is being moved up the ladder already understands the business environment.

Why Does Executive Coaching Work?

If you look at any successful athlete, performer, actor, etc…all of them employ a coach. Executive coaching is not a sign of weakness or of any shortcoming. It is about being great at what you do and becoming better. Executive coaching works because it allows you the time to focus on a specific area in which you may need some help or support in working on a specific aspect of your “game” to excel at a higher level. Look at it as if you were a golfer: you might have a strong drive, and a solid put, but you might need some help with digging out of the sand-trap.

When you are in the middle of working with so much on your plate, you might notice certain aspects of your “game” that can use a little polishing. An executive coach is someone who has been in your shoes and brings that level of expertise to the table to help you become better at what you do. In an article posted by Fast Company, the report shows that “…63% of organizations say they plan to increase their use of coaching over the next five years…and 92% of leaders being coached say they plan to use a coach again.” Coaching just works.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

One of the main reasons why businesses are turning to executive coaching is to support their executives in developing stronger leadership skills known as leadership development. Organizations now realize that just like in any sport, just because someone is good does not mean they can not improve or get better. Day in and day out athletes work with their coach to improve every aspect of their game and help them deals with the stress and pressure and how it impacts their personal life. Rather then waiting until something goes wrong, companies now look to bring in an executive coach to take their leaders who are already good, and make them great. In many ways, some see executive coaching as an insurance investment and it is paying off big dividends.

Another reason why many are turning to executive coaching is because many executives came to the organization because of their knowledge and expertise of a specific business practice. However, many lacked true leadership skills when it came to engaging and motivating their team. Businesses have seen over the years countless man hours and dollars thrown away because of the lack of leadership skills their management team had. When they brought in a CEO Coach to aide and assist their CEO or management team to help them build better communication and motivation, productivity and workflow drastically improved. Unfortunately many executives are afraid to ask for help because they think they will be looked down upon. However as more companies see the value in coaching, this perspective on executive coaching is shifting rapidly.

Executive Coaching and Entrepreneurs

Something that has been coming up more and more for us here at Executive Coaching is that we are being attained by many entrepreneurs. Since most entrepreneurs tend to be strong at their craft rather then being a true leader, they are turning to executive coaches to help them transition from strategist and being an “idea” person, to also being a strong leader. Having a vision for a product or service is one thing. Executing that vision is another. And then building and managing a team to execute is another. With todays day and age of internet and technology, many entrepreneurs are young visionaries with brilliant ideas. Starting back in the dotcom days where most CEO’s were under thirty, many of these companies failed not only because the technology wasn’t there yet, but because these individuals lacked true leadership and management skills. If you take a look at the CEO of Facebook Marck Zuckerberg, many have questioned his ability to truly lead this megalithic company. When he was fledgeling and making poor choices and upset individuals within the company, he finally saw the light and sought help from a CEO and executive coach.

Today, many entrepreneurs (especially in the technology realm where many are so young) now seek the guidance of an executive coach to help them become stronger managers. The need for a business mentor is going to be vital for our entire economy since many of the great ideas are coming from the younger generation. But do to lack of experience, knowledge, and ability to manage, many of these ideas will never come to fruition because these individuals lack proper guidance and know how. This is where executive coaching can truly benefit not only the entrepreneur, but our society as a whole so that good ideas are no longer wasted due to lack of experience.

Executive Coaching and Hiring From Within

One trend that is starting to grow within organizations is bringing in an executive coach to help build management and leadership skills with existing employees so that the company can hire from within. Recent studies have shown that businesses are better off spending money on executive coaching and training existing employees who already know the business versus spending money, time, and manpower on recruiting a new manager. First, the amount of money that is spent on a head hunter to hire the right manager. Second, the amount of time it takes to bring them up to speed on how the organization operates. By hiring within and using an executive coach, companies now see that it not only saves them money on their recruitment efforts, but also time since their employee already knows and understand the business. More importantly, this helps boost overall moral of the entire staff because they see employees being rewarded for their hard work.

Executive Coaching Services

At our Executive Coaching Company, we pride ourselves on offer the best executive coaching services. In trying to find the right executive coach, make sure you work with an executive coach who you resonate with on both a personal and business level. Make sure they have qualities you seek but at the same time are different from you so that you can learn something new. The idea behind executive coaching is about becoming well rounded and filling in any gaps you may have in your game. Think of it like golf in where you may be good at driving or putting but might be weaker in other aspects of your game. The idea is to find and work with a coach where you may lack in a certain part of your business management game and then get better.

Another key ingredient in your executive coaching search is making sure you connect with them personally. Business executives are now acknowledging the fact that their home and personal life is effecting their ability to execute and perform in their office. This does not mean your executive coach will be a therapist, but they should have a solid understanding and experience with balancing both their work and personal lives. Since your coach is going to also be your confidant, it is just inevitable that personal issues come up when dealing with your improvements in the workplace and you will want to make sure that your coach is someone who you feel confident enough to trust and confide in should something like this arise.

Working With The Right Executive Coach

Choosing the appropriate executive coach to work with can be a daunting task. In many ways, it is like getting married and you should not just jump into any situation right away. We here at Executive Coaching understand how crucial this relationship is and we want to do everything we can to earn your trust before you decide to work with us. In our screening process we allow you the opportunity to have all your questions answered and also get to know us personally and professionally to make sure we are the right fit. We in now way would want to take you on as a client if we are not the right match. A good coaching relationship requires chemistry and rapport and we take the opportunity of being your executive coach very seriously.

Executive Coaching Team

At Executive Coaching, the seasoned professionals on this site have the skills and experience to take your business to a whole new level. Each executive coach has over a minimum of ten years of experience working as either a coach, consultant, or executive and bring a unique flavor and approach to their practice. Our team of veterans know what its like to be in your shoes and can draw from experience when working with and supporting your needs. Our coaches have worked with many Fortune 500 companies from all over the world. Our team of executive coaches have helped many top level decision makers go from good to great, and from great to the best. Our team knows what it takes to be strong leaders, communicate effectively, handle pressure, implement strategies, think outside the box, and improve ROI. Rest assured that by working with our executive coaching team, you are going to be in great hands.

Should you have any questions about Executive Coaching and would like to set up a free consultation, please use the contact form on this site and we would be more then happy to schedule a consultation.